Welcome to 2018 TAM 2on2 Tournament. Rules and information

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Welcome to 2018 TAM 2on2 Tournament. Rules and information

Post by Fox » 19 Aug 2018, 20:05


It is our pleasure to inform you about draft for the Second IKS Tournament. Only the best of the best are invited to this prestigious event of accurate clicking and insulting one french player.
This tournament will be one joyous event, but make no mistake! No place for mistake is allowed in this spastic fuckaround to the death, as it is only skill, strategy and dick size, that will determine which team of two players comes out on the top.


0. Standard [Game Server Rules] apply to the entirety of the tournament. You have to know and follow them.

1. Each team assigns one of it's members as a captain. It is captains of opposing teams who decide about date of match between them, as well as other details, NC (on/off), and the third map. Captains may also decide, whether gay sex takes place after match.

1a. The third map reffers to a map which will be played if after two matches the score is 1-1.

1b. If third map is not decided upon by team captains, it will be the captain of the team, which won more rounds, who picks the third map.

2. Registration of your teams is possible on IKS Forums, as well as special channel on our discord server. Informations required for team registration are: Team name, Team members, Team captain, Captain's contact data (facebook/email).

2a. The captain's contact data will be made public. Avoid giving sensitive informations as your contact data, as someone may visit you at home.

3. All players to take part in the scheduled match are to arrive 15 minutes before scheduled match time. Once all players are ready, the match starts (it is possible to begin earlier).

4. Each team has one week to complete their first match. If the they fail at that, they only get one chance to reschedule their match for another week.

5. Maximum of 10 minutes is given to each team to complete players for the match. If the team fails to acquire adequate player count by 10 minute mark, it will be disqualified.

5a. Should a team arrive late, yet before the 10 minute mark, opposing team gets to choose all of the maps.

6. If for whatever reason a player decides to withdraw from the tournament, he may be replaced by another player. The replacement player can not be a member of any other team, including dropout teams.

7. Should a player drop out of a match, the game will be paused for the player to rejoin. If the players fails to rejoin within 10 minutes, the match will be replayed from start of the map via player replacement system, or - if agreed - the team of the dropout player will forfeit the match.

7a. It is possible to pause a game for 10 minutes, giving a player chance to fix his connection issues or kiss their uncle good morning.

8. Admins have the final say in all matters concerning the tournament. They can change rules during the cup without notifying players, as to maintain fair play and fair tournament.

8a. The above rule will not be abused.

Tournament structure

1. The tournament features 16 teams

2. Teams are divided in four groups of four teams

3. In each group, each team has to face all other teams in the group, resulting in:

- 3 games per team in group

- 6 games in group total

4. Two teams with best scores leave the group, advancing to quarterfinals.

5. Score tables are available in [IKS discord] and our [special page].


Untill the tournament begins, the server is not protected, allowing everyone to join at any time to view the maplist and settings. Suggestions and bug reports are welcome in our discord and adequate topics in IKS Forums.

You can request demo of any game you want. To do it use forum [Demo Recording Request Thread] and please, read what information to provide.




Tournaments Server is avaliable at ut2004://
TeamSpeak: iks.one

Forum: http://iks.one/
Tables and games results: http://results.iks.one
Discord: http://discord.iks.one
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Re: Welcome to 2018 TAM 2on2 Tournament. Rules and information

Post by Den » 07 Sep 2018, 20:37

IKS 2vs2 TAM Cup registration will be closed on 20th September.

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