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Forum Rules

Post by Fox » 19 Aug 2018, 10:20


This is the list of rules that apply on the forum. Break them and I will break your legs.


1. Only use ENGLISH language. Den and his balkan kebabs are no exception.

2. Respect is optional, however, if you disrespect someone in a blatantly mindless and primitive manner, not only are you fucking retarded, you are also banned.

3. All caps is retarded. Using that will get you mocked.

4. Hate speech rules are bullshit. However, if you systematically target someone for their race, religion, or sexuality, consequently destroying their spirit, we find that fucking retarded. If they don't care, we don't care too, but if noone laughs, the joke is bad.

5. Making fun of retards is always allowed.

6. Don't PM admins about stuff that has already been discussed, or is currently under discussion. We have shit to do.

7. If you have doubts if certain behaviour is allowed, it is allowed. We know how to joke.

8. Don't come crying to us, because someone called you names, pussy.


1. Admins are not always right and that's okay. However, as you have no leverage of power, it is advised to remain respectful when appealing to admins, as otherwise this man will take care of you.

2. Messaging admins without a clear need will get you ignored.

3. Keep in mind, that we put work into creating this environment. When Den rages, we all lose, so contain yourself.


1. Funny spam belongs in [Off-topic chat]. Not funny spam belongs in garbage.

2. Profanity, i.e. disgusting porn, gore, your mother's pictures, belong in a link, not in a picture. If you want to post nasty shit, post a link, don't stick it into people's faces.

3. Jokes, memes, funny or cool shit goes to [Off-topic chat].

4. You can appeal about bans in [Ban Appeal Forum].


1. You can request demo recording of a match in [Demo Request Thread].

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