TeamSpeak rules

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TeamSpeak rules

Post by Den » 26 Apr 2017, 02:01

There's nothing special about TeamSpeak.
  • Don't be a dick to others, insulting, turning on music etc
  • If people tell you that you have sound problems (noise on background, echo), leave channel and fix it or disable mic
  • Use correct channel and speak English
  • If you want speak another language - use special channel or ask to create it
  • If you always drop connection, you can use special channel for users with shity connections, it really helps
  • You can use TeamSpeak file manager to share all files you want. This feature works in channel "Main" only, sizes of files unlimited. Use folders, don't turn it into garbage.
If you want a special channel for own purposes it's also not a problem

There is special mark for bad people - "Piece of shit". if you see such people, it means they cannot write any messages and join channels, the only channel avaliable for them is "France". Also every user can kick, move between channels and ban such people just for lulz for 10 mins (after these 10 mins you can do it again).

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