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IKS Poker Club

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Aside from UT2004 server, we in IKS are also hosts to

IKS Poker Club

a PokerStars club, which is an inclusive enviorment for all IKS associates to enjoy that fine game of cards.

This game is absolutely free to play - registration, download, gameplay are all free of charges. In order to keep our club as inclusive as possible, we are only playing for virtual money - chips.

To join the club, you have to contact either me or Den - prefferably in game, however, forum requests will also be answered.

The procedure of joining (and playing in) our club may seem tricky at first, if you never used the PS client. With this short guide, you are sure to go from zero to playing in less than 10 minutes of effortless clicking:

0. If you have never played poker, study it's basics to figure out if you are even interested. Some nice introductory materials can be found here:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_hold_%27em - Wikipedia article on Texas Hold'em - the kind of poker we play
http://www.pkrftw.com/wp-content/upload ... -sheet.gif - Card combinations for noobs
https://partypoker.com/how-to-play/texas-holdem.html - Basic introduction to gameplay

Or just come and learn everything on the run. It's not obvious, but after a few games it will be.

1. Download the client at http://www.pokerstars.net/client/download/
2. Use your client to create an account - make sure your PS nickname reflects who you are in game.
3. Request your invitation code from IKS PC Admin - Den.
4. Once everything is set, follow that simple infographic made by me in MS paint. Despite my displayed language being polish, everything is exactly the same in any other version.


5. Remember to tell us when you are available to play. As you know, we preffer TeamSpeak for communication - it really makes for that thick cig smoke, unshaven angry face atmosphere of late night poker games.

PLEASE remember you can NOT bet your collection of shemale pictures. We are only playing for chips. This has happened several times in the past, so please don't. FUBAR THIS IS TO YOU.

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